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Anonymous: You seem to focus a lot on the faults of men, have you ever tried to look at the faults of women from a male view? Women are contradictory by nature. Eg, you correctly make the statement that women should not be treated like sexual objects, yet you post images of women being treated like sexual objects. Yes they can choose when to be treated as such, but many don't make such choices very clear, preferring to let men guess when such treatment is wanted, offended if he guesses wrong either way.


If a woman enjoys rough sex, I can guarantee you that she’s spoken with her partner about it. I support safe, sane, and CONSENSUAL sex and sexual relations.

I’ll stop focusing on the faults of men when society stops blaming women for what they’re wearing or doing and not the men who rape them. I’ll stop focusing on the faults of men when the phrase “boys will be boys” dies along side the idea that it’s okay for a man to touch a woman after she says no. 

I know men are also raped/sexually harassed and that is definitely an issue. The video, however, was focused on a woman. And the cold truth is 99% of people who rape are male. 

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